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Course Overview:


Our anti-racism workshop looks at the age-old concepts of racism and allyship through a new lens designed to foster self-realization, ownership, and anti-racist leadership in attendees who go on to promote more positive and inclusive work cultures.  

Racism is a powerful and divisive force within society, eroding trust, increasing tension and conflict, and preventing communities from reaching their full potential. But it is even more toxic in a work environment where it could hamper productivity, engagement, service, and have mental health and well-being implications. 

Bias is not as harmless as people think it is and racism either overt or otherwise has real human implications.  


  • So, how do we move from fear to learning?

  • How do we move from polarisation to finding common grounds?

  • How do we challenge without getting lost in a cycle of debate?

  • How do we move from ignorance to empowerment? 


This workshop brings relatability and practicality to the often complex ideas of allyship and racism. We offer simple everyday techniques people can use to make their workplaces more inclusive.


This highly interactive and engaging workshop helps people recognize when they have power and influence—when they can best act as an ally—and learn how to take effective action to make their workplace better. We also cover unique areas such as intersectionality and anti-blackness.

We discuss how everyone can turn advocacy to action and gain the confidence to act as gatekeepers of inclusion and belonging at work.

Learning Outcomes:

  • An evolved learning mindset on race and inclusion

  • A clear understanding of how racism operates in the workplace and the role of leadership in preventing this

  • A clear understanding of how racism impacts people at both team and organisational levels and the role of the individual in preventing this

  • The ability to identify anti-blackness and intersectionality within the racism spectrum and how to create counter structures

  • A detailed understanding of how to be an ally and anti-racist

  • A practical anti-racist toolkit that can be adapted for personal, team, and organisational use

  • Understanding how to address and respond to workplace racism including influencing and crisis management skills.

Module 1 - How We Learn


How do we embark on a meaningful learning experience on such the emotive and important topics of diversity an inclusion? how do we create safety for others and ourselves to move between learning zones and stay engaged and opened through out the process? In this module we cover:

  • The zones of learning

  • The stages of learning

  • Managing learning blockers - learning to learn.


Module 2 - Racism - what it was, what it is


Race is a  political construct created by people; it is not a natural development; is constructed and upheld for political purpose, hence to effectively overcome racism and manage its effects, we must understand the reasoning behind racism then and now and fully appreciate what it looks like in a changing world.  Here we look at how racism manifests at work to undermine the advancement of diversity, equality, and inclusion. In this module we cover

  • What is Racism?

  • A brief history 

  • Racism today - the challenges and its consequences 

  • Racism at work - power and privilege, othering, stereotypes and microaggressions. 

Module 3 - Anti-blackness and Intersectionality

We focus module 3 on the very rarely discussed concept of anti-blackness which expresses itself at the core of the black experience at work. It is essential that in responding adequately and appropriately to the global social justice movement we shine the light on the problematic nature of anti-blackness across racial groups. We cover: 

  • The concepts of eurocentrism, whiteness, and white supremacy, and how these concepts manifest and contribute to anti-Black racism

  • Discuss and learn about the fluidity of anti-Black racism within systemic and institutional structures

  • Racism and Intersectionality - when multiple prejudices collide.


Module 4 - An Anti-Racist Toolkit

Structural racism can’t be dealt with simply by telling people it’s wrong to be racist, to stop racism, we need to become anti-racist as a collective. This means changing the way we think and act, and being prepared to challenge others to do the same. This crucial module wraps up the immersive learning experience with tools and strategies to combat racism and become actively anti-racist. We discuss the anti-racist leader's role and how to go from colour blind to colour brave in day to day interaction and set a gold standard for others.


Here we cover:

  • A personal toolkit for combating racism 

  • Anti-Racist Leadership and Allyship - Compassion, Respect, Empathy, Courage And Awareness

  • Setting Standards - Influencing, Leading and Inspiring Change

  • Depolarising People and Offering a Better Way

  • Sustaining Momentum and Evolving Conversations.

Duration: 4 hours (can be adapted)

Delivery Method: In-person or virtual speaker led and interactive, with practical learning activities after each module for attendees to practicalize learning using their real-life experiences.

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