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Diversity and Inclusion climate studies for insightful data.

Conducting a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit will clearly present a view of your organisation's D and I maturity and areas where urgent focus is required. It also ensures your diversity and inclusion initiatives are inclusive of the voices of people across your organisation.




Understanding your people better through meaningful insights.


Understanding context and deepening data.


A 360 degree view including digital, supplier and partner diversity.


"The majority of women in the workforce feel excluded from decision making, do not feel comfortable expressing their opinions, and do not feel as though they can succeed". 

(Culture Amp,2020)



Data powers decision-making.


D&I initiatives sometimes struggle with focus as there are many potential areas of focus. This is why it is important to know what the pressing issues in your organisations are - what we call the leaky pipeline to avoid a scattered approach that could lead to diversity fatigue.

Our D and I assessments audits offer comprehensive baseline to help you understand where you are today, what is working and where is there room to grow. 

This comprehensive benchmark allows us to assess your current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion, define a common purpose and identify key deliverables to take your work forward.

Collectively we'll build a comprehensive report with custom solutions you can prioritize.

It is also important that your D&I strategy be a bottom-up initiative which is inclusive of the needs of a diverse group of people.

For robust outcomes and findings, we include steps such as, organisation-wide surveys, focus groups discussions, interviews which offer a democratic way of engaging across the organisation: it gives every employee a confidential way to contribute to the strategy. 

Our methodology includes measurement of data from diversity and inclusion surveys and demographics, data analysis, focus groups, and observations to create a concise view of your DEI landscape.  ​

We engage with as many of your staff as possible to gain the most diverse aspect of view we can, touching on areas of attraction, recruitment, retention, supplier diversity, and workplace culture.



Following the audit, we provide research-driven recommendations on best-practice solutions to address your key findings.