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Inclusivitii seeks excellence in every aspect of its business and is committed to minimise the social, environmental and ethical impacts of its supply chain. 

Our policy is to seek the purchase of goods and services that minimise negative and enhance positive impacts on the environment and society whilst meeting our business requirements. By incorporating social, environmental and ethical considerations into purchasing decisions we endeavour to make a positive contribution to the environment and society. To this end, we have developed Operating Principles that are applicable to both our suppliers and to ourselves. These principles seek to ensure that we and our suppliers act in a responsible manner. 

Where it is found that a supplier’s conduct is not in accordance with Inclusivitii’s Responsible Purchasing Policy and Operating Principles, we will seek to engage with that supplier and encourage continuous improvement in their environmental, social and ethical performance. 

In support of the Policy and Principles Inclusivitii will: 

  1. Allocate funds for the effective direction and implementation of the Policy and Principles, with particular emphasis on encouraging continuous improvement. 

  2. Measure and monitor the application of the Policy and Principles. 

  3. Review and revise the Policy and Principles on an annual basis. 

  4. Conduct an environmental, social and ethical assessment of our key suppliers utilising Inclusivitii or external resources as appropriate. 

Inclusivitii Operating Principles 

The Inclusivitii Responsible Purchasing Operating Principles sit within our established purchasing practices that ensure an equitable procurement process in line with all applicable laws and regulations. To implement the Responsible Purchasing Policy, Inclusivitii will: 

  1. Work collaboratively with suppliers to improve environmental, social and ethical standards with the aim of realising continuous improvement in all three areas for both our suppliers and ourselves. 

  2. Protect the confidentiality of information entrusted to us. 

  3. Recognise the supplier’s own standard where they are working to environmental, social and ethical standards similar to those stipulated in the Inclusivitii Operating Principles. 

  4. Not require suppliers to realise environmental, social and ethical standards more onerous than our own. 

v. Ensure that all relevant employees are aware of the Responsible Purchasing Policy. 

  1. Ensure that procurement management is responsible for establishing the compliance of key suppliers with the Supplier Operating Principles. 

  2. Seek to exert commercial influence where we are confident that improvements can be made in environmental, social or ethical performance of suppliers. 

  3. Ensure that supplier’s staff working on our premises are treated with the same respect for diversity and workplace safety as our own staff. 

  4. Base our supplier selection on objective and transparent criteria that include the consideration of environmental, social and ethical performance. 

  5. Cease trading with suppliers showing persistent disregard for important elements of environmental, social and ethical performance. 

  6. Act as an advocate for responsible supply chain practices within our industry sector. 

  7. Use a risk based approach to ensure we focus on those areas where the risk is greatest and maximum impact can be achieved. 

Supplier Operating Principles 

Inclusivitii expect that all our suppliers adhere to the Operating Principles set out below.

  1. Suppliers are expected to have management systems in place for delivering compliance with the Operating Principles in their own operations and those of their suppliers. 

  2. Suppliers should comply with all relevant legislation in the countries in which they operate and all relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions. 

  3. Suppliers are expected to communicate their expectations for compliance on all the issues raised within the Operating Principles to all relevant employees and suppliers. 

  4. Suppliers should provide evidence to enable assessment of the implementation of the Operating Principles by Inclusivitii, those acting on their behalf and other relevant independent 3rd parties. 

  5. Suppliers should demonstrate continuous improvement in their approach to sustainable and responsible purchasing. 

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