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Collaborative, Energising and Engaging Support

Our consulting services include assessments and audits, advisory, strategy design and implementation solutions all designed to help you succeed in your diversity and inclusion efforts. Our consulting spans culture, employee lifecycle, leadership, talent attraction, recruitment, retention, and other D and I touch-points.
Our bespoke strategy sessions are designed to meet your where you are. Whether you are still exploring, designing or embedding D and I change our blend of change management experience and deep D and I know-how is guaranteed to make a difference.



Exceeding Your Expectations


Diversity and Inclusion climate studies for insightful data.

Conducting a diversity, equity, and inclusion audit will clearly present a view of your organisation's D and I maturity and areas where urgent focus is required. It also ensures your diversity and inclusion initiatives are inclusive of the voices of people across your organisation.


Design and Delivery of EDI Strategy and Processes

We can help you refresh and adapt your processes, policies, and systems to be focused on fostering inclusion and promoting diversity.
We can also design new policies and processes based on diversity and inclusion best-practice and develop a roadmap for future diversity and inclusion initiatives for your organisation.


We also offer bespoke HR Support to energise and strengthen your in-house HR.

Our services include:

Grievance Hearings and Disciplinary Proceedings

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Racial Trauma Coaching

  • Policy Document Development

  • Outsourced Chief Diversity Officer 

  • Equality Impact Assessments

  • Other HR work requiring diversity, equality, and inclusion support.


From beginning to end, a data-driven approach creates a more diverse and engaged workforce. Couple this with transparency and accountability at all levels—from individual employees right through to the CEO—and it is possible to create a foundation for positive change.

Ian Cook (2019), VP of People Analytics at Visier.



See our impact driven work in action!



We were selected as MAPP’s Diversity and Inclusion partner. 

Like every diversity and inclusion audit we conduct, we came in with an open mind and big ears, to listen, observe and identify areas where our insights could make MAPP an even more productive, more engaged and more connected organisation.

We listened, 299 survey responses , 47 individual interviews, 4 group discussions with over 30 of colleagues and sessions with the leadership teams.

Together, we have been able to create a reflective picture of MAPP’s D and I landscape and your ideas on ways to get even better, will form part of the strategy for the future.