"43% of companies with diverse management exhibited higher profits. (

Course Overview:


The days of command and control leadership are long gone. Leaders must instead focus their energy on building relationships, leading from the middle, and connecting people with values.


Our leadership for a changing world is the first of our bespoke leadership development programmes designed to equip leaders with the intelligence, awareness, skill, and confidence to lead in a rapidly changing world.

This workshop will focus on the changing leadership landscape and the opportunities and challenges for leaders within the workspace.

The carefully crafted modules in conjunction with exercises and action learning plans create a powerful learning experience that adds value from day one.

Learning outcomes:​​

  • A clear understanding of the current global leadership context

  • A more mature growth and learning mindset that can be applied to other areas

  • The ability to frame and define personal values and why this matters

  • A higher consciousness of strategic leadership practice and its implications

  • An understanding of how to influence people and communicate complex ideas

  • A mature understanding of the role of emotional intelligence and literacy, psychological safety, listening, and advocacy as a leadership practice.


Module 1 - How We Learn


How do we embark on meaningful learning experience on such the emotive and important topics of diversity and inclusion? how do we create safety for others and ourselves to move between learning zones and stay engaged and opened throughout the process? In this module we cover:

  • The zones of learning

  • The stages of learning

  • The key to learning 

  • Managing learning blockers - learning to learn.

Module 2 - Value-Based Leadership

In this module, we help attendees identify with their leadership purpose and values, a deeply personal experience designed to help attendees show up with authenticity and self-acceptance. In this module we cover:


  • What is value-based leadership?

  • The value learning exercise

  • Connecting the dots.

Module 3 - Sensemaking, sense giving and storytelling 

How do leaders connect? by making sense and connecting to the context of their leadership. How can they do these? through the words they choose and the stories they tell. In this module we cover :


  • Bring balance and perspective

  • Connecting across cultures

  • Emotional intelligence and literacy, psychological safety, listening and advocacy

  • Storytelling as a leadership skill.

Module 4 - Relationships and Networking


The ability to form meaningful connections and build relationships matter. But in a world constantly riddled with polarising belief systems and ideologies how do we truly deepen human connection? In this module we cover

  • Leadership, power, and influence

  • Showing up for others

  • The strategic leader

Duration: 4 hours (can be adapted).

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