"The majority of women in the workforce feel excluded from decision making, do not feel comfortable expressing their opinions, and do not feel as though they can succeed. (Culture Amp)

A diversity and inclusion audit will provide a guide to 1. what is working well for your roganisation today and your successes, 2. how to build on good practices, as well as identifying areas for improvement.

The aim of an audit is to provide a baseline of where your organisation is currently on your diversity and inclusion journey.

A comprehensive audit will provide a clear profile and summary of your organisation, which can be utilized as a key instrument in the pursuit of your organisation's equality and diversity strategy. 

Our research-driven recommendations will focus on the key areas of challenges and how to practically start to mature these areas and ensure your organisations diversity and inclusion strategy and objectives are based on real information which can easily be evidenced.

Our unique design and approach have been constructed to support employers to actively adopt an inclusive work strategy. We will engage with as many of your staff as possible to gain the most diverse aspect of view we can, thus enabling you to engage with your workforce as widely as possible.

Typically, an organisation’s diversity and inclusion mature through four different stages of development – Undeveloped, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced/Vanguard.


Knowing the stage you are in help identify how you can move past your current obstacles and on to the next level.​​ 

We know that each organisation is different and operates uniquely, so we approach each case with fresh eyes and adapt our interventions to meet you where you are. ​​Regardless of your organisation’s progress in this area, diversity and inclusion audits play a key role in starting to improve diversity and inclusion at work and in maintaining inclusive workplaces.


Data | ​Generate, analyze, and report data to drive the necessary conversation and support decision making. 

Policies |​ A forensic review of policies and an understanding of what needs more work and development.

Processes​ | A focus on how your processes interact with your DEI structures and what areas need maturing.

Culture and People​ | A confidential review of the organisation's culture framework and how it performs in relation to DEI.

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