Closing gender gaps in work could add £150 billion to the UK GDP by 2025. That’s 6.8% higher than business as usual, or the rough equivalent of current annual GDP across the UK’s entire financial services sector, or current annual government expenditure on education, defence and transport. (McKinsey, The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in the UK, 2016)

Most organisations have a clear vision and ambition to be a talent magnet and create balance work cultures, but the route to achieving this is not always clear. 

Our leading Diversity, Equality and Inclsuion Target Operating Model provides a made to fit roadmap to success for organisations. 

We look deeply within your organisation's DNA to pull out the 'points of opportunity' where you can grow and make a difference. For us, there is always something great that can become the story of your organisation's culture. 


We look at the systems that may need refreshing, the processes that are no longer relevant and we work with the people to build the momentum and influence required for evolution and growth.

But above all, we listen to you, your people, the values, the culture, and the context so that we know exactly where to start. 


Whether you have your own in house D and I team or you would like us to work as your end-to-end strategic partner, we can help focus your effort and energy on the key areas of opportunities within your organisation and implement effective interventions required for success.

We can help you:

  • Refresh and adapt your processes, policies, and systems to be more inclusion focused

  • Conduct a detailed diversity and inclusion audit

  • Creating your inclusion roadmap and Inclusion Target Operating Model.

To expand your talent pool, we help you look beyond the mainstream to create new stories and new access.


To attract more a more representative candidate pool, we help you refresh your organisations brand and footprint.


To retain diverse talent, we offer game-changing culture interventions that promote engagement, promotion, and success.


To build an equitable organisation we can help you set up lasting solutions and sustainable inclusion toolkits.​


As part of the strategy process, we want you to challenge yourself and real reimagine what can be possible.

Recently we have worked with organisations to conduct ethnicity and gender pay gap analysis, diversity and inclusion audits and other bespoke research including:

1. Gender Diversity Strategy

2. Inclusive and Diverse Recruitment Strategy 

3. Equality and Anti-Bullying Polices

4. BAME Recruitment Strategy

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