"43% of companies with diverse management exhibited higher profits. (

Course Overview:


Developing an Inclusion Learning Mindset workshop equips attendees with the skills to build more inclusion and belonging into day to day practice and as a result increase collaboration, innovation, wellbeing and overall team effectiveness. ​


The focus of this workshop goes beyond managing bias, but the practical steps towards maturing inclusion and how to modulate behavioural tendencies that can impact others negatively.

Inclusion is a relational construct that depends on how your workforce functions and performs based on the quality of social connections, openness to learning, agility, and depth of decision making. Our work will help foster greater inclusion at all levels and bring to the forefront an organisational learning and growth mindset that underpins all our work.

By focusing on developing inclusion as a leadership skill, we really tackle the challenges of day to day inclusion thinking and build a more robust understanding of the concept.


We also focus on how inclusion enables diversity, moving attendees away from tokenism and selection for appearance to truly maturing their inclusion outlook, and developing an appetite for the difference.​


​Attendees will also learn how to identify and respond to bias, understand the challenges of underrepresentation, and most importantly embark on a leadership learning journey that fosters better listening, emotional intelligence, workplace justice, and curating leadership in themselves and others.

Learning outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of inclusion and the role of leaders and leadership

  • A more mature growth and learning mindset that can be applied to other areas

  • The ability to frame and define why inclusion matters within a team or organisational context 

  • An understanding of how under-protected group members experience the workplace and how to provide stronger leadership

  • The ability to self-diagnose and self-manage bias in self and others

  • A mature understanding of the role of emotional intelligence and literacy, psychological safety, listening and advocacy in promoting inclusion

  • Practical tools to use from day one to manage and promote more inclusivity.


Module 1 - How We Learn


How do we embark on a meaningful learning experience on such the emotive and important topics of diversity an inclusion? how do we create safety for others and ourselves to move between learning zones and stay engaged and opened through out the process? In this module we cover:

  • The zones of learning

  • The stages of learning

  • The key to learning 

  • Managing learning blockers - learning to learn.

Module 2 - The Case for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 

Before planning actions and interventions to enable inclusion and balance within a team, it is crucial to understand how to build a strong case for it to drive value for the organisation. In this module we cover :


  • What is diversity and Inclusion?

  • Different drivers and cases for diversity

  • Identifying and engaging with diverse motivations

  • Inspiring and influencing others. 

Module 3 - The Challenges of Underrepresentation

To lead diverse teams and be inclusive, it is important for leaders to understand how exclusion undermines team participation and team effectiveness. We consider how it feels to be the 'only in the room' and offer tips on how to engage talent from unprotected groups. In this module we cover:


  • Tokenism and selection for diversity 

  • The systemic web of challenges

  • Understanding internalised bias

  • Power and privilege and the parallels.

Module 4 - Managing Bias 


What are the common types of bias? how do we identify them and respond to them appropriately in ourselves and in others? In this module, we focus on how bias creeps into day to day leadership practice and decision making. In this module we cover :

  • Meritocracy and its challenges

  • Managing common types of bias

  • Influencing others 

Module 5 - An Inclusion Toolkit

Here we focus on providing tangible inclusion practical steps that can offer quick wins in terms of strengthening inclusion but also form the basis of long term sustainable inclusion practice. In this module we cover: 

  • The growth mindset for inclusion 

  • Emotional intelligence and emotional literacy 

  • Active listening and psychological safety

  • Communication strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Leveraging nonviolent communication principles and crisis management strategies for inclusion.

Duration: 2-3 hours (can be adapted)

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