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Ring of Light Bulbs


An impact workshop for managers who wish to promote inclusion, belonging and equity within their teams.

Diversity and inclusion are not “box-ticking” exercises, D&I are an essential part of ensuring that an organisation’s culture values all its members as individuals. If everyone in your place of work feels valued and able to contribute, it means greater employee well-being and productivity. 

This highly interactive learning workshop is designed for attendees who wish to develop a growth mindset around inclusion and gain deeper intelligence, awareness, skill, and confidence to promote inclusivity and belonging.

Attendees will dive deeper into themes including managing bias, and how to embark on a personal journey that fosters better listening, emotional intelligence, workplace justice, and curating leadership in themselves and others.

The Inclusion Mindset: Projects


  • A clearer understanding of inclusion and belonging themes

  • Understanding of the case for diversity and inclusion - business, talent, and moral justifications

  • An understanding of how and why inclusion breaks down in group settings

  • An understanding of inclusive leadership 

  • Practical tools to strengthen and promote more inclusivity and viable next steps. 

The Inclusion Mindset: Text
The Inclusion Mindset: Welcome


Module 1: Overcoming Learning Barriers 

Discussions: How can we promote effective learning?

Modules 2: The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Landscape (Including the Case for Diversity and Inclusion and Managing).

Discussions: How can diversity and improve your business?

Modules 3: Inclusive Leadership and CREED Model of Leadership.

Discussions: How can leadership be evolved for inclusion?

The Inclusion Mindset: Text

3 ways to be more inclusive by Aduke Onafowokan.

The Inclusion Mindset: Video
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