"43% of companies with diverse management exhibited higher profits. (

Course Overview:


Our Gender Diversity Workshop provides the understanding, concepts and tools that will allow you to develop a strategic and practical plan to reach gender balance in your organisation. 


Based on cutting-edge research, the programme will support you in building a business case for change. It will enable you to diagnose the key blockers women face in your organisation and allow you to develop a suite of multi-level interventions that work.

Achieving gender balance is a top priority for most organisations today. The importance placed on this goal comes partly from the recognition that increased diversity can drive organisational performance, and partly from policy makers, activists and the general public urging organisations to boost women’s representation across all levels of their business.

While many organisations have good intentions, optimising gender balance is not straightforward. There are no silver bullets, nor are there off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied to all organisations regardless of context. What holds organisations back is a complex web of systemic, cultural, and structural issues that must be understood before they can be overcome.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Help remove the obstacles women face in organisations and win the war for talent

  • Understand the business and social case for gender balance by looking into concepts of fairness, meritocracy and societal goals

  • Examine the talent management processes in organisations and how they inadvertently hinder women

  • Understand pay gaps in organisations and approaches to pay audits to drive gender balance

  • Understand best practices in the design of bias-reducing recruitment processes

  • Foster helpful behavioural norms in organisations which provide women with psychological safety

  • Build a developmental culture to increase women’s representation


Module 1 - Building The Business Case 


In any organisation, before introducing initiatives to drive gender balance, it is important to build the business case to engage key stakeholders and involve them in this important process for change. The introductory module focuses on building a business and social case for gender balance, while delving into the rationale and motivations for it, at both an individual and organisational level.



Module 2 - Challenges Women Currently Face

A deep look at challenges women face in organisations in being recruited, promoted, and getting their voice heard. Some of the challenges will be familiar, others will be new and likely hidden from view. The focus here is to understand the systemic web of challenges and how they reinforce each other to hold women back.


Module 3 - Understanding Data


For every initiative to succeed, it is important to have a data-driven system to track progress and define targets. This module focuses on leveraging data to design and build a dashboard to help drive gender balance in your organisations.


Module 4 - Gender Focused Interventions

We have formulated a business case for gender balance, understood the challenges women face and learnt how to leverage data. It is time to start designing interventions. Here we look at some quick interventions that can make an immediate impact in driving gender balance.


Duration: 3-5 hours (can be adapted)

Delivery Method: In-person or virtual speaker led and interactive, with practical learning activities after each module for attendees to practicalize learning using their real-life experiences 

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