"43% of companies with diverse management exhibited higher profits. (

Course Overview:


Inclusion is a key issue for any recruitment / talent management professional, with an increasing need to ensure that the workforce is truly representative.

How can you make sure your business is doing all it can to attract, and retain, a wide-range of talent?

For organisations to be competitive and sustainable they need to be able to produce creative solutions, develop innovative new products, and capture new markets—all of which diverse teams are proven to do better than homogenous teams.

Limited talent pools, ineffective processes and policies and the biases that we all carry with us can make this difficult, leaving us with a limited candidate pool rather than a diverse set of talented candidates of varying genders, backgrounds, and experiences.

The Inclusive Recruitment workshop is meant for busy Recruiters and Hiring Managers and is applicable across the globe, the modules offers bite-sized lessons and practical strategies that can be easily implemented.

Learning outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of inclusion as a leadership practice and practical tools to use from day one to manage and lead more inclusivity

  • An understanding of how to redesign talent development processes by moving away from fixed paths and focusing on developing skills, experiences, and networks

  • Ability to foster helpful behavioural norms in organisations which promote psychological safety and belonging

  • Ability to develop balanced processes for evaluations, promotions, and sponsorship to nurture and develop potential

  • Provide participants with techniques and practices for overriding biases to free up idea flow, improve decision making, and give morale a boost

  • Direct participants to resources for use with your teams to help inspire them to become bias aware themselves.

Module 1 - How We Learn


How do we embark on a meaningful learning experience on such the emotive and important topics of diversity an inclusion? how do we create safety for others and ourselves to move between learning zones and stay engaged and opened through out the process? In this module we cover:

  • The zones of learning

  •  The stages of learning

  • Managing learning blockers - learning to learn


Module 2 - The Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Before planning actions and interventions to enable inclusion and balance within a team, it is crucial to build a strong case to drive value for the organisation. In this module we cover:


  • Why diversity, equality and Inclusion?

  • Different drivers and motivators for diversity

  • Identifying and engaging with diverse motivations

  • Inspiring and influencing others 


Module 3 - Inclusive Recruitment


To lead diverse teams and be inclusive, it is important for hiring managers to understand how bias manifests in the recruitment lifecycle and build counter systems that offer better outcomes and boost diversity and lead to inclusion. In this Module we cover :


  • Managing common types of biases in recruitment

  • Strategies for expanding your talent pool

  • Meritocracy and its challenges

Module 4 - Inclusive Talent Management


For a lot of organisations the challenge is not only to attract or recruit a diverse and talented  workforce, it is to retain them. In this module we examine the role of inclusion in talent management and how developing skill in this area, line-managers and team members alike  can create more inclusive cultures that retain talented individuals. In this module we cover :


  • Managing common types of biases in talent management

  • Inclusive talent management toolkit

  • Meritocracy and its challenges.

Duration: 3-4 hours (can be adapted)

Delivery Method: In-person or virtual speaker led and interactive, with practical learning activities after each module for attendees to practicalize learning using their real-life experiences.

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