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A perfect introduction to key themes and everyone's individual role in building an inclusive culture.

Businesses benefit from having a diverse, motivated workforce where all staff feels included in the decision-making process and culture of the firm.

This workshop will introduce attendees to diversity, equity, and inclusion themes, and the key strategies they can adopt to recognise, encourage, and promote diversity and inclusion at all levels within your organisation. 

Attendees will also learn about the protected characteristics relevant to their geographical location and the challenges of underrepresentation and the role of inclusive behaviour at work.



  • An understanding of diversity and inclusion themes

  • An understanding of protected characteristics and how to provide support

  • An understanding of how segregation and exclusion occur in group settings and how to interrupt these

  • An inclusion toolkit that includes active listening, allyship, emotional intelligence, and effective communication.  



1. Overcoming Learning Barriers
2. Introduction to Diversity, Equity Inclusion, and Belonging
3. How Exclusion Occurs
4. An Inclusion Toolkit


Nuggets From NorthWestern University, USA.

Leaders need to recognize that diversifying a workforce does not automatically result in new hires feeling welcome, which suggests that inclusion should be a goal that organizations assign resources to. Moreover, organizations’ focus on equity needs to be based on the knowledge that not all employees or potential employees have access to the same resources, and should structure strategies and resources accordingly.