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managing bias (anti-bias)

Bias is a common blocker to inclusive behaviour, coupled with norms, behaviours and stereotypes. This workshop examines practical ways to manage these in ourselves and others.

Wee help our delegates uncover and overcome their unconscious bias (also known sometimes as anti-bias) with our unconscious bias training workshop.

Managing Bias: Project


Providing training on unconscious bias is seen as the first step towards overcoming this issue in companies. 

Unconscious bias training, also sometimes called ‘Implicit bias‘, ‘No bias‘ or ‘Anti-bias‘ training, refers to unintentional stereotypes and judgments (either positive or negative) we all have towards certain groups of people, based on categories such as gender, class, nationality, interests they have and a lot more.

The problem with unconscious bias is that it is ingrained and hard-wired in us but we are not even aware that we are affected by it because it is unconscious.

So, it can be potentially even more harmful than prejudices that we are aware of, exactly because it can go undetected and still do a lot of damage to those who are on the receiving end of negative unconscious bias.

Because of this, it is very important to address unconscious bias, particularly in the workplace. Our unconscious bias training materials are specifically designed to help companies and individuals deal with unconscious bias.

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What is Covered

Topics That Will Be Covered to Include: 

  • Discussing what unconscious bias is and where it comes from

  • Understanding different types of bias

  • Identifying when and how unconscious bias impacts on the workplace

  • Discussing how to overcome bias

Managing Bias: Text


This workshop is suitable for those who are not familiar with the concept of unconscious bias yet or wish to gain deeper understanding in this area.

People who may benefit include:

  • HR departments who want to understand more about how to avoid unconscious bias in activities such as writing company policies and job ads, dealing with staff grievances and more.

  • Members of staff with managerial and/or supervisory responsibility who hire, develop and mentor other members of staff.

  • Any member of staff at any level, to improve the way they relate and deal with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

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2-4 hour workshop.
We can easily adapt it to a 1-hour short talk or combine with some of our other packages to run a half, 1, or 2 day set of workshops.
We can run this session on the same day as other communication or equality and diversity sessions about topics such  active listening, unconscious bias and inclusive leadership.

Managing Bias: Text

outline and objectives

This course aims at explaining to people:

  • what unconscious bias is

  • how it impacts on individuals and organizations

  • how to overcome it

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  •  Recognise what unconscious bias is 

  •  Identify the impact of unconscious bias on individuals and organisations

  •  Develop strategies to deal with unconscious bias.

Managing Bias: Text
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