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Course Overview:


We live in an era where decisions and actions which bare founded in biases can de-rail a career, hurt brands and interfere with trusting, productive relationships. Bias is not as harmless as people think and it is key to educate and empower others to modulate their preferences and biases so that it does not negatively impact others.

We are increasingly challenged to become more accountable for managing biases – biases that are irrational, not based on fact, and which fly in the face of the most realistic outcomes for many. 

This course will provide insight into your actions and others’ reactions, based on cutting edge findings from neuroscience. These insights will build confidence in the way you interrelate with others and how you make decisions in an increasingly complex, pluralistic world. 

At the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of why our brain plays with us and how, despite the competing interests within, we can use a team’s collective intelligence to reveal and neutralize unfriendly biases.

Learning outcomes:

  • Inform participants on the evolutionary reasons why we all have biases that interfere with creativity, innovation, and wise decisions.

  • Introduce participants to a simple model for understanding and assessing the behaviour of people and organizations regarding change, non-verbal signaling, short vs. long timelines, hierarchy, team dynamics, and performance management.

  • Provide participants with techniques and practices for overriding biases to free up idea flow, improve decision making, and give morale a boost.

  • Direct participants to resources for use with your teams to help inspire them to become bias aware themselves.


Duration: 2-3 hours (can be adapted)

Delivery Method: In-person or virtual speaker led and interactive, with practical learning activities after each module for attendees to practicalize learning using their real-life experiences.

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