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Who We Are

We exist to promote inclusion for everyone at work.

Inclusivitii is a full-service leadership, diversity, and inclusion consultancy based in Oxford, UK with a global client reach, working with organisations at various stages of their diversity and inclusion journeys to foster productive, inclusive, and thriving workforces.

Through our education, coaching, and consulting functions, we combine research-led and evidence-based diversity, and inclusion strategies with change management principles to produce real, tangible, and scalable progress in fostering inclusive culture, diversity, and representation. All of which are proven to drive business growth, innovation, talent attraction, and social responsibility.

Our work spans learning workshops as well as diversity and inclusion consulting including tailored quantitative and qualitative audits and assessments to help you focus your D and I thinking and interventions on the areas requiring attention within your organisation.

So far, we have worked with over 60 organisations and directly and indirectly educated, empowered and influenced over 100,000 employees across corporate and non-profit organisations. 

Our work is impact driven and grounded in research both qualitative and quantitative, blending tested theories with lived experiences to create powerful interventions. 

We are here to help, we treat each of our clients with a unique focus and support designed to help make great workplaces even better! 


Aduke at Inclusivitii supported the development of our D&I strategy from the early stages of learning and thinking, to a concrete action plan with indicators to monitor our progress towards greater inclusion across our organisation. As a new charity that is growing and at the same time adapting to these unpredictable times, it was incredibly valuable to have Aduke’s insights and expertise, as well as her constructive challenges and coaching. Her toolkit and learning resources were excellent, and she took a flexible approach that enabled us to complete the work whilst also allowing time for reflection. I can highly recommend Aduke and what Inclusivitii have to offer.

Emma Cherniavsky 
CEO, United Kingdom for UNHCR | UN Refugee Agency

What We Do

 We know that groups displaying a range of perspectives outperform groups of like-minded experts. Our consulting and training solutions are all designed to move you closer through strategy, advice, diagnostics, capacity-building, and learning programmes to your DEI objectives and to support the development of an energised, inclusive, innovative and thriving workforce.

Leveraging a global community of experts and consultant associates, we are committed to working with our clients to turn challenges into opportunities for lasting change.


Evidence-based virtual and in-person programmes

Our learning programmes offer powerful insights and skills on diversity and inclusion themes that are proven to shape mindsets and behaviour, promote collaboration and boost confidence and promote diversity and inclusion at the team and organisational levels.


Assess - Advise - Design - Deliver

Our consulting services include assessments and audits, advisory, strategy design and implementation solutions all designed to help you succeed in your diversity and inclusion efforts.
Our consulting spans culture, employee lifecycle, leadership, talent attraction, recruitment, retention, and other D and I touch-points.


Diversity and Inclusion 121 Coaching and Group Coaching

We offer 1-2-1 and group coaching programmes for stakeholders on diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging. 
Our dedicated coaching programmes helps you build confidence and mastery of complex diversity and inclusion themes.


85% of organizations with a diversity and inclusiveness strategy in place stated that it enhanced business performance. A further 77% reported enhanced customer satisfaction, and 55% believed it helped them compete in new industries or environments.

(PwC, 2016).


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