The Inclsuivitii Diversity Assessment

Typically, an organisation’s diversity and inclusion matures through four different stages of development – Undeveloped, Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced/Vanguard.

Knowing the stage you are helps identify how you can move past your current obstacles and on to the next level.

Speak to us about our diagnostics tool and how it can help your inclusion efforts.

Why Invest in Diversity and Inclusion?

At Inclusivitii, we approach diversity training, inclusion training, and D, and I strategy with a fresh lens. We focus more on identifying the specific areas of opportunity within your organisation and build on that so that you can start to reap the dividends of diversity training and strategy from day one!


Building and nurturing an inclusive and diverse team that is more innovative, collaborative, and responsive to changing customer needs puts your organisation of a greater path to future success. 


According to Deloitte Australia research, inclusive and diverse organizations see a better business performance in terms of ability to innovate, (83% improvement) responsiveness to changing customer needs (31% improvement), and team collaboration (42% improvement).

In this era of globalization, diversity in the business environment is about more than gender, race, and ethnicity. It now includes employees with diverse religious and political beliefs, education, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation, cultures, and even disabilities.


Companies are discovering that, by supporting and promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, they are gaining benefits that go beyond the optics.

We offer bespoke diversity training, inclusion training, diversity and inclusion consultancy, and many more based on diversity and inclusion best practices relevant across the global market. 

Why We Are Different

  • We help you focus.  Our interventions are categorized into topics within strategic talent management and organisational culture. Meaning you that we work on key areas that will have the most impact for your organization right now.

  • We do your homework for you. Our courses are based on proprietary research and insights from industry-leading HR thought leaders and best practice learning from institutions including Yale, INSEAD, and the University of Oxford.

  • We believe in developing a learning mindset. Our learning experiences facilitate connections among colleagues, peers, and experts and open participants to a new way of thinking about complex ideas and realities. 

  • We recognize that learning is a journey. That’s why we support you before, during, and after, we develop a 24-month roadmap for each client and support you all through, our doors are always open.

  • We can take you anywhere you want to go. Whatever diversity and inclusion mean to you, we can help.

and most importantly... We listen to your people, our clients are often blown away with what their people say.

Responding to The Moment

Following the Covid-19 pandemic and global social justice advocacy,  organisations are seeking the appropriate response. To help, we have created a 5 point transformation agenda to help leaders galvanize and sustain change. 

Speak to us today about how this can benefit your organisation.

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