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Inclusive Culture

Thriving Teams

Together with our network of highly skilled diversity and inclusion experts with interests in wide-ranging E.D.I. themes from anti-racism to LGBTQIA+ and neurodiversity inclusion, we are committed to a future where we are no longer needed. 

Inclusivitii, for all of us at work.

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..”made me think about how best to use the different life experiences within my team to positively influence our work, also interesting to learn the secondary EDI issues, not just thinking about protected characteristics, making sure you really do include people.”
"The learning has helped me to be more deliberate with my thinking, actions and commitments to EDI and to help challenge when I see something is wrong. This is because of the learning itself, and also because of the visibility of EDI as a priority amongst the leadership team."
“completely transformed our leadership team.”
Diversity Students

Inclusivitii EDI Standard

Speak with us about The Inclusivitii Inclusion Standard - our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Accountability framework for organisations leading and sustaining EDI change.

Join other organisations who are passionate about creating thriving communities of people to identify areas where your organisation needs improvement and share best practice with cross sector colleagues. 

Stronger, Together.

The future is inclusive, equitable and empowering. All voices can be heard; psychological safety is fostered, belonging matters, and respect is the norm. 

This is our vision for everyone, everywhere.

We know that innovation, resilience, and synergy are important for teams to succeed in today's world. We also know that organisations need the right resources and approach to achieve this - and that's where we come in.

We are a full-service leadership, diversity and inclusion consultancy; our work spans organisational development, leadership, research, strategy, training, coaching and advisory. 

Driven by deep expertise, passion, and lived/learned experiences, we have supported numerous organisations to promote and embed effective leadership practice, equality, equity, belonging, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


From clients in the corporate sector to social care, health care, law enforcement and society in general, our work is to support a thriving and inclusive world for everyone.

What's New @ Inclusivitii

Inclusivitii x Health Education England
We will be at the HEESW International Medical Graduate Conference 2023 presenting a Keynote to Graduates and GP Educators.

Our Impact

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What We Do

Training and Executive Coaching

Diagnostics and Research 

Strategy Development

Advisory and Consultancy

"Aduke is one of the most effective anti-racism trainers I have worked with, calm fact-based, knowledgeable, patient and well organised her training brings anti-racism into the centre of an organisation's practice, and I’m happy to recommend her."

Lord Victor Adebowale

Chair, NHS Confederation.

Our Training Programmes

Evolving minds and changing behaviours through our co-curated diversity, equity and inclusion training programmes. Including  :

  • 1-2-1 and Group Coaching Programmes

  • Effective Leadership for Today

  • Building Trust and Psychological Safety

  • Unconscious Bias and Decision-making

  • Inclusive Leadership 

  • Equity in Recruitment

  • Anti-racism Training 

  • Navigating Microaggressions at Work

  • Neuro-diversity Awareness

  • Cultural Competence and Fluency.

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Strategy Development

Organisations with diversity and inclusion strategies outperform those that do not. This is because our strategy development brings together the values, principles and actions required to drive equity and inclusion within the workplace for clients and customers. 

Our work covers the following:

  • Anti-racism Strategy 

  • Equality Reviews and Recommendations

  • Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Implementation Planning

  • Inclusive Recruitment Strategy

  • Organisational Culture Codes.

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Research and Diagnostics 

Data and evidence are the core of meaningful diversity and inclusion change. Our research and diagnostics offering pulls evidence from various parts of your organisation to tell a story and show where you should be focusing time and resources for more excellent inclusion outcomes.

Research and Diagnostics Projects include:

  • Staff Surveys

  • Diversity and Inclusion Climate Studies

  • Equity Forecasting 

  • Equalities Reviews and Research

  • Bespoke Research Papers and Reports.  

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Ethical Purchasing Policy

Inclusivitii is committed to ensuring the protection of all personal information that we hold. We recognise our obligations in updating and expanding this program to meet the requirements of GDPR.

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