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At Inclusivitii, we understand that change is not always easy. Since we started, we’ve been helping companies of all sizes respond to the changing diversity and inclusion landscape in order to stay competitive and create thriving, innovative, and inclusive work cultures. 

We know that groups displaying a range of perspectives outperform groups of like-minded experts. Our services are all designed to move you closer through strategy, advice, diagnostics, capacity-building, and learning programmes to your DEI objectives and to support the development of an energised, inclusive, innovative and thriving workforce.

Diversity means so many things to so many people, whether it is in the context of ethnicity, culture, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. However, inclusion feels the same, to participate, be valued, and welcomed . No matter how complex your business needs, our expert consultants and associates have the experience, skill, and passion to help you turn challenges into advantages and opportunities for progress.



Psychological Safety

Our belief that growth is underpinned by the ability to show and express oneself without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career. We also believe that learning spaces should be safe for interpersonal risk taking with team members feeling accepted and respected.

Measurable Impact

We are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to create lasting legacies of inclusion that are both scalable and measurable. We design all our interventions in a way that process and growth can be measured, and impact can be gauged.

Inclusive Learning

A core component of inclusion is understanding how our individuality shapes our choices and behaviours. We belief in the power of inclusive learning and meeting people where they are. We listen to you and tailor all our work to your unique perspectives.

Business diversity and teamwork as a gro


Equity levels the playing field

Equity is a process that recognizes and addresses the existence of advantages for some and barriers for others based on our human differences.

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Diversity is everywhere

The presence of human difference.

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Welcoming. Valuing. Leveraging

Inclusion is the active engagement of the contributions and participation of all people.



What our clients are saying


Helen Clear - Head of Communication, Infineum.

If you want to really bring these issues to life and get your organisation to start to think differently, Aduke is the person to help you to do that, in a safe and engaging way.