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An Inclusive Approach to Diversity and Inclusion Work

Diversity means so many things to so many people, whether it is in the context of ethnicity, culture, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, and sexual identity. However, inclusion feels the same, to participate, be valued, and welcomed . No matter how complex your business needs, our expert consultants and associates have the experience, skill, and passion to help you turn challenges into advantages and opportunities for progress.


More About Our Unique Organisation

We exist to promote inclusion for everyone at work.

Inclusivitii is a full-service leadership, diversity, and inclusion consultancy based in Oxford, UK with a global client reach, working with organisations at various stages of their diversity and inclusion journeys to foster productive, inclusive, and thriving workforces.

We offer deep expertise and know-how on diversity, equity, inclusion, intersectionality and belonging within organisations. 

Through our education, coaching, and consulting functions, we combine research-led and evidence-based diversity, and inclusion strategies with change management principles to produce real, tangible, and scalable progress in fostering inclusive culture, diversity, and representation. 

Till date, we have worked with over 60 organisations and directly and indirectly educated, empowered and influenced over 100,000 employees across corporate and non-profit organisations. 

Our work is impact driven and grounded in research both qualitative and quantitative, blending tested theories with lived experiences to create powerful interventions. 

We are here to help, we treat each of our clients with a unique focus and support designed to help make great workplaces even better! 



Psychological Safety

Our belief that growth is underpinned by the ability to show and express oneself without fear of negative consequences of self-image, status or career. We also believe that learning spaces should be safe for interpersonal risk taking with team members feeling accepted and respected.

Measurable Impact

We are constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to create lasting legacies of inclusion that are both scalable and measurable. We design all our interventions in a way that process and growth can be measured, and impact can be gauged.

Inclusive Learning

A core component of inclusion is understanding how our individuality shapes our choices and behaviours. We belief in the power of inclusive learning and meeting people where they are. We listen to you and tailor all our work to your unique perspectives.