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Supporting our clients to succeed

As a full-service diversity and inclusion organisation, our expanded services play a crucial role in supporting organisations not only comply with legal standards but also excel in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces where every employee feels valued and has the opportunity to thrive.

Life Coach

What we Offer

HR Advisory

Providing expert advice on how to embed diversity and inclusion practices into all aspects of an organisation. This could involve developing inclusive policies, advising on diversity recruitment strategies, creating programs for leadership accountability in diversity efforts, and ensuring that diversity and inclusion are part of the company’s values and strategic plan.

HR Support

Offering specialised support that helps organisations manage their workforce in a way that values diversity and fosters inclusion. This includes designing inclusive benefits packages, creating support systems for underrepresented groups, advising on compliance with equal employment opportunity laws, and developing training modules on topics like cultural competency and allyship in the workplace

Resolution, Grievances and Investigations

Conducting thorough and unbiased investigations into complaints related to discrimination and harassment, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for all and recommendations to foster restorative justice and fairness. We also can assist in developing clear, confidential grievance procedures that encourage employees to come forward with their concerns without fear of retaliation.

Culture Assessments

Evaluating your organisation’s culture to identify strengths and areas for improvement in diversity and inclusion. This could involve conducting surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of the workplace environment. Based on these assessments, we provide recommendations for cultural shifts, diversity initiatives, and inclusive practices that align with your organisation’s mission and values.

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