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EDI Strategy 

Our diversity and inclusion strategy is a comprehensive plan designed to create a more inclusive and equitable environment within organisations and institutions. It involves setting goals, implementing policies, and fostering a culture that values diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This strategy aims to remove barriers, promote equal opportunities, and harness the benefits of a diverse workforce or community, ultimately leading to increased innovation, engagement, and overall success.

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Conducting assessments to understand the current diversity landscape within your organisation, including demographics, policies, and practices.

Metrics and Reporting

Establishing metrics to track progress and regularly reporting on diversity and inclusion efforts to leadership.

Startegy Development

Creating comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategies that align with the organisation's goals and values.

Policy and Procedure 

Reviewing and revising HR policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive and free from bias.

Training and Education

Providing training and educational programmes to employees to raise awareness and promote diversity and inclusion.

Recrutiment and Engagement

Developing initiatives to attract diverse talent and strategies to retain a diverse workforce and building relationships with external organisations and communities to enhance diversity initiatives.

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