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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Research. Strategy. Training.

We are a leading EDI consultancy tackling niche inclusion and diversity challenges across industries. Combining academic curiosity, lived experience and evidence-based approaches with vast experience in change management, we have a proven track record of initiating, designing, delivering, and improving measurable DEI change programmes across industries. Our services include EDI training, EDI Research and Audit and EDI Strategy Development.

Together with a team of highly skilled EDI consultants, Inclusivitii continues to deliver high value to public sector clients by creating evidence-based EDI strategies, blended learning experiences and bespoke EDI evaluation models.  


 Our body of work includes:

- Fostering inclusion and diversity in cancer research
- Fostering inclusion and diversity in funding and grant-making
- Fostering inclusion and diversity in climate change research
- Eliminating health inequalities and inequities in health systems
- Promoting organisational effectiveness through inclusive cultures.

Our unique ability to provide psychological safety for learning around complex and sensitive themes has become our unique proposition in the DEI Industry.

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Our Services

Recent Clients

EDI Funding Strategy

We are proud to have been selected as the Community Fund's EDI Partner for the strategy renewal project. We worked with colleagues across the organsiaiton to create a revised approach to inclusive funding, looking at the accessibility of funding products and how the Fund should use funding programmes to respond to inequalities.


This work influenced the development of a new set of values for the organisation, where EDI will is central. 

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Recent Clients

Anti-racism Learning Programme

Design, development and delivery of organisation-wide anti-racism education for the National Health Service Confederation. 

Delivered over 14 months in two phases, this programme offered a deep dive into the themes of race and identity in the workplace, offering a safe space to speak up and be heard. 

A mixture of e-learning and workshops, we offered colleagues a practical anti-racism toolkit proven to continue supporting The Confed for years to come.

Collaborative | Inclusive | Measurable

Ongoing Support

We know how much having the right partner means to your ability yo succeed. We remain with our clients long after the training ends, offering support and advice where needed.

Measuring Impact

We adopt a three stage evaluation model that allows us measure immediate gains and long-term impact and change within your organisation.

Tailored Sessions

Most of our trainings are tailored our clients, ensuring that we are considering diverse EDI maturity, learning needs and learning styles. 


We co-design and co-develop with our clients, using existing evidence and intelligence to select themes of interest and the appropriate delivery methods.

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

Recent Sessions

Developing Cultural Competency and Humility

Cultural competence is the ability to navigate cultural differences effectively in teams. This high-impact session can transform team dynamics, improving communication, conflict resolution and team effectiveness.

Engaging Neuro-diversity in Teams

About 20% of the world is neurodivergent. However, few of us know how to engage with neurodiversity at work and the benefits of these in teams. This session empowers teams with the skills and confidence to understand and engage with neurodiversity in teams.

Fostering Inclusion and Belonging

Each of us has a part in fostering diversity and inclusion at work. This critical training session offers delegates the tools to manage unconscious bias, stereotypes and exclusionary behaviour in the workplace to create more inclusive and equitable teams.

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